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Individual retirement accounts (IRAS)

When it comes to retirement, make the smart decision today and enjoy greater security and peace of mind later. IRAs are among the safest and most popular retirement savings accounts, with FDIC insurance, tax advantages, and steady return rates. Contact your personal banker at your local Mabrey Bank to learn which IRA is right for you.

Custodial IRAs

Custodial IRAs are designed for funds distributed from company retirement plans, lay-offs, retirees, and those beginning their retirement savings. A minimum of $2000 must be invested in fixed rate CDs for these IRAs to be opened.

Choose from the following IRA solutions to begin saving for your future:


  • Contributions at any age up to 70 1/2
  • Contributions may be deductible
  • Earns tax-deferred income


  • Contributions at any age
  • Contributions are not deductible
  • If qualified, earnings are tax free
  •  Rollover/Direct Rollover
    • Funds must be from a qualified employer plan or qualified IRA plan
    • Earns tax-deferred income


  • Funds must come from a qualified IRA plan


Use our calculators to determine the best plan for your money.